A little about me

I never thought I would end up in the country surrounded by corn and soybeans. I grew up on an island in South Florida, to an Indiana city and now the corn in Indiana. Oh how I love it out here, the peace and quite is an awesome thing. My daughter can go outside and play and I don’t have to worry about her.

My boyfriend has enough room to put up a shop (one of the next 2 year projects) and space for our toys (quad’s for each of us, go-cart, and old cars). We have chickens, a huge garden, orchard, grapes, fruit trees, fruit vines, flowers of course,2 dogs, 3 outside cats and 2 inside.


I work full-time and make jewelry and woven headbands in my free time, which isn’t much when the weather is nice. So that is a little about me.